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Sitting in a dark, dreary place

Sitting in a dark, dreary place

Of my own doing,

Straggling off from my uncle

And finding this amazing upward shaft

Where air movies freely and quickly upward

But after my discovery

Finding out that I am by myself

Sitting down onto the cool, moist plebes

The cave seems so large now

As I shine my flashlight all around

I call out,

The echo of my voice in the tall, empty column above me

I stop

I bow my head towards the Earth

Staying still not knowing what to do

Not know to do but stay still

A little time passes and I hear this deep,

Bellowing sound rumbling through the air

Jumping up I cry out

The horrible echo is above me again

But I don’t care

A light is coming towards me and

With all the speed I can muster

I run towards it

It was my older bother and he leads me back to my uncle